Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Making progress

How much better the sculpture looks as we see the steel covered with clay and start to have the shape and outline of the head take form. The throat has been built out towards the lower jaw, and more work is needed on the top of the Collies head. This is only the profile and the Sculptress has to fill out the ribs and shoulder and neck.
I am thinking about the work to come and the positioning of the legs, even as I am hands on the throat and back of the head

The armature for the head has been fixed securely and the steel rods trimmed to be within the sculpture.

The top line is extended up into the neck, and the breast bone up towards the lower neck. You can see the shoulders beginning to show development. Just visible are the mapping pins on the clay, which JOEL places in different points as key references ~ here for example top of front leg, point of shoulder and shoulder on back line, also one at the hip socket.

In the background on the right you can see some of the images of Ruswarp.

JOEL is working towards the head, and also adding to the thorax, soon it will be time for the back legs.

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