Monday, 1 May 2017

The Ruswarp the Collie Statue Story continues

The friendly look of the inspiring dog that helped with the saving of a railway line and was the faithful companion to an heroic end.

Ruswarp's Bronze Statue continues to please and inspire visitors to Garsdale Station and those travelling on the Settle to Carlisle Railway Line.
Please do send you images of you and Ruswarp as his story continues.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Ruswarp the Collie Statue at Garsdale Station

Ruswarp the Collie Dog Statue at Garsdale Station

Ruswarp the Collie Statue gets a great response

Ruswarp On Guard ~ Looking North

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Final Details and extra mementos

The final details are being added to the Life Sized
Sculpture of Ruswarp...
and by popular request the Sculptress JOEL has also been asked to make a mini Bronze of the Ruswarp Sculpture, and a tiny pewter Trinket as a memento of the Dog and the Success story of the guarding and saving of The Settle to Carlisle Railway Line

The 5 pence piece gives an idea of the scale of the new sculptures...and the outline of the trinket...more details coming soon!

Views of the Sculpture in clay

More detailed views of the sculpture coming soon

Making the Ruswarp Sculpture mould

Making the mould ~ the first application of the mould to Ruswarp the Collie Sculpture

Making the mould~ over the head

Mould down over front of sculpture

The Ruswarp Sculpture Mould is developed

~ the seams and layers added

Glass fibre shell is applied

The shell to support the mould of the collie sculpture is finished and the fixing holes drilled

Opening the mould

The clay revealed

The mould gently pulled away

The Mould is taken to the foundry where it will be carefully cleaned and assembled and waxes poured...the next stage JOEL goes to check the waxes.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ruswarp the Collie face in progress

You can see the left ear needs work done on the long hair that is so characteristic of Ruswarp and other collies.
JOEL says " I think I am going to have to take the left eye out again... you may not have noticed these are not the eyes that were sketched in ! It took about fifteen tries to get to this point!
Eyes are so important - it is always worth the trouble to have another go if you are not happy with them!"

The expression in Ruswarp's right eye is taking shape.

A taste of the details being added all over the sculpture