Monday, 23 June 2008

Leg armature and clay base

The armature is progressing, with special box section sculptors wire being used to support the clay for the front legs, and the extension rod added that will hold the head and ears.

You can see the base of clay that has been added to the board - Ruswarp will sit on this - A local collie was obliging enough to allow the Sculptress JOEL to draw round him as he was sitting on a sheet of thick paper - and this gave the shape.

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Julie Chadwick said...

Hi Joel.
Could you help me please. A friend has asked me to do a life size sculpture of his Springer Spaniel. I have waisted three days at sculpting classes trying to build an armature and yesterday dismantled the whole thing.I don't think my teacher really knows what to do as she is a stone sculptor. Was the armature you built for the Collie life size? and did you build a frame work for the chest area so it could be filled with paper/ polystyrene so it wouldn't be so heavy. I would be very greatful if you could advise me and give me some tips. Kind regards Julie Chadwick.